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The organization is always open for partnership and cooperation with other organizations and groups, which share its goals, values and principles. The organization has partners both on national and regional levels.

On the national level “Real World, Real People” NGO is partnering with several international, local non-governmental and governmental organizations. In 2011 The organization along with 3 other NGOs founded “Advocacy and research group on AIDS” – an union of civil society organizations, which came together to advocate for innovative, evidence based and human rights oriented approaches in HIV prevention, treatment and care. The founders of the union are “Real World, Real People”, “Positive People Armenian Network”, “Public Information and Need ofKnowledge” (PINK Armenia) and “Women Resource Center” NGOs.

“Real World, Real People” NGO along with 11 human rights organizations is a member of “Human Rights House – Yerevan”. Also the organization is an active member of working group of Pain Relief Campaign, which advocates for access to palliative care and pain relief.

The organization conducts joint projects with following organizations:

  • "Cross - border Cooperation on for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Impact Mitigation in Southern Caucasus and Russian Federation" jointly with World Vision Armenia

Since 2009 the organization follows the rule to conduct all public events and campaigns exclusively in partnership with other civil society organizations. From that time the organization organized all WADs, AIDS Memorial Candlelight Days, European Testing Week events in cooperation with a number of organizations.

“Real World, Real People” NGO provides assistance and support to young organization of PUD – “Potential of Awaking”, though provision of logistics for their events, technical expertise for studies, proposal writing and project management, etc.

Besides, “Real World, Real People” NGO has created and facilitates a national virtual platform for communication and information sharing among organizations and individuals working in HIV/AIDS field. The google group "Armenia Without AIDS" has almost 100 members. The membership is open for any individual or organization who shares the vision that future without AIDS is achievable and ready to make feasible contribution for it. For joining the group the one need to send an e-mail with the request to realwrp@gmail.com with the subject "Request to join AWA group".